Hiking in nature is not only good for our bodies, it’s good for our moods, our minds, and our relationships, too.

We are raw and unapologetic. Stripped down to the bare necessities of life, finding unending joy in the simplicity of what nature has to offer.
The experience of hiking is unique, it conveys benefits beyond what’s received from typical exercise. It oxygenates the heart, it keeps your mind sharper, your body calmer, your creativity more alive, and your relationships happier.

It’s the feeling of health, the full-noon trill, the feeling of rising from bed and meeting the sun. And, when you find a place where nearby woods allow for hiking among trees, all the better: Evidence suggests that being around trees provides extra benefits, perhaps because of certain organic compounds that trees exude that boost our mood and our overall psychological well-being.


The Hiking Shop offers a compilation of tips, advice, products and techniques to inspire and improve your hiking experience. Thehikingshop.com was created with the mission of inspiring and enabling everyone to experience the joy and effects of hiking.

We love everything about hiking culture and the people that engage in it. We love it all. When rubbing shoulders with day hikers we offer a smile and an encouraging word. We share wisdom, stories of our experiences on the trail, and a good laugh at memories we’ve made along the way.

Our reasons for being out in the wilderness differ, our journeys are all unique, but we manage to support each other and encourage each other to succeed.

It’s a camaraderie based on individuality and encouragement whether you’re starting out or are a seasoned hiker.  A smile and a quick conversation with a stranger that you probably wouldn’t even make eye contact with if you ran into them in the city. It’s a sport where everyone fits in, from young to old.


It’s the little things in life that bring us immense joy, and though it may not seem like much, outfitting yourself in quality clothing is one small act that can significantly change your outlook on daily life. In addition to lifting your spirits and self-esteem, there are many other advantages of wearing quality, creative clothing.


Quality clothing items are usually termed as such because of the high-quality materials they use and their manufacturing processes. The Hikingshop.com prioritizes durable fabrics and reliable manufacturing techniques.


When clothing is made with durable materials and reliable manufacturing processes, it’s more likely to stand the test of time without compromising its integrity. Quality clothing items do not need to be replaced, saving the wearer time and money.


Our clothing is not only strong and long-lasting, but also provides an added level of comfort with a higher capacity of care and skill, a quality that always shows through in the final product.


When it comes to choosing clothes, fashion and fit are often the most important components. Because our products are manufactured with a higher level of care and attention to detail, they tend to fit better and retain their original fit longer.


We are fanatics about creating carefully considered, colorful original designs, and in blending the old with the new. We specialize in quality custom t-shirts, socks, nooks and more. We don’t just make clothing, we live and breathe the hiking culture and all of our designs are motivated from our hiking experiences.


When Mark Pavelich decided to co found the charity EverestinCanada.com in an effort to raise money for cancer, health and wellness causes, he did it with the idea of inspiring himself and others to get outside and our of their heads – to experience what life has to offer. Little did he know that 2 years later he would have hiked 4500 kilometers – close to the distance of hiking across Canada. From bringing the MFC to the largest MMA event in Canada to owning his own fully encompassing Martial Arts Club and training MMA athletes in the UFC for close to 12 years, Mark has always been passionate about exercise, but it can do for you mentally, physically and the benefits that accompanies it. Mark has become a motivated advocate on the benefits of getting outside and into nature and positive effects it has had on his mind, body, career and relationships and he describes the return as nothing short of magical.

He talks of how he became obsessed/passionate about the hiker hunger, the trail legs, all the way down to the pride he has in his callused feet. He speaks of rubbing shoulders with others on the trails, offering a smile and an encouraging word. It’s become a culture and way of life, and he is dedicated to sharing wisdom, personal experiences from the trail, and inspiring others to just start, as he did one day – a day that reinvigorated a craving to live his best life.

When Trish Dhoedt answered the call back from Mark in 2018 she put the phone on mute and screamed to her son that “it’s was Mark on the phone, he called me back!” Trish had experienced a lull after the loss of her brother and best friend to suicide, and another best friend to cancer and decided it was time to reclaim her life and she was keen on finding the very best in the business, and in witnessing the impact Mark had via his social platforms, his unwavering desire and drive for success and in helping people she felt the need to meet him and was hopeful he might be open to mentoring her in some way.

Fast forward four years. The opportunity to work alongside such a positive role model in the community provided Trish with the confidence and drive to become fanatic about everything and every experience that comes her way.

Witnessing the Everest In Canada team accomplish their goal of hiking 44.5 kms in minus 30 degree weather, training every day and hearing the stories of how their minds and bodies were being changed one day at a time was inspiring! So one day in 2022 she decided to join them on a hike. Trish has always been athletic and pushes herself in everything she’s passionate about. But with this, she wasn’t sure what to expect and she only had a pair runners for running, not proper hiking attire – but she strapped them on and thought, what the heck! The first day they went 15kms. The second 22.5 Kms! It was after that that she was totally hooked. The benefits on her mental and physical and the feeling of accomplishment were nothing less that extraordinary. “Nothing seems impossible anymore” she explains. When life presents challenges she now thinks to herself “If I can hike 22.5 kms with no previous experience, and a motivation to “just start” and a strong desire to finish, what else can I accomplish?” It’s been a gift and one that she is keen on sharing. The bug has taken hold and she’s become addicted to the unquestionable positive effects hiking has created in all areas of her life – mind, body, relationships and career.

From bleeding blisters to throwing hiking poles in frustration from minus to plus 40 degrees and wanting to quit 5000 times we are passionate about everything to do with hiking and it’s culture.