Take only what you need. You can carry –like books, electronics, other items for comfort and entertainment– but don’t go overboard with them, and if possible, look for lighter alternatives.

“Pack everything you think you will need, then get rid of half of it”.

The more items that you can use for two or more functions, the fewer items you need to carry. Think of your gear as a system that works together.

Many separate items can have dual use by themselves or can be paired with other items to provide a new use. This not only helps reduce your backpack load but also helps simplify your approach to lightweight backpacking.


Keep up your energy with great snacks on the trail. It’s important to bring the right snacks with you while you hike. This mix of various nuts, fruits, will make you a cheerful hiker! Snacks will prevent everyone in your group from becoming hangry and will make for the perfect treat when you stop to take in the stunning natural sights.


A Nuuk is a multi-use hiking must-have. They serve double or triple duty by moonlighting as headbands, face masks, and more. You can store it around your wrist or pack, I rarely leave home without one.

You can check in the Hiking Shop Store for your own custom Nuuk.


Even if you’re heading out in the early morning, you never know what can happen that might leave you in the wilderness late into the evening. In case this happens, you should always have a headlamp in your pack to guide your way back. This one is fun to wear and shines super bright.

Mosquito Bracelet

Don’t let these pesky pests annoy you on your long hike. Bug repellent often has an unpleasant smell and can be full of dangerous chemicals. These mosquito bracelets are the perfect solution. They are DEET-free and use plan-based oils to keep the mosquitos away. They are adjustable and can be comfortably worn on wrists or ankles.


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