Hiking outdoors is lovely. It’s a fun hobby for anyone. Hiking lets people explore, get fresh air, and spend time with loved ones. Hiking has many benefits besides health. Hiking provides vitamin-rich antioxidants that fight chronic diseases and strengthen muscles to help you walk upright. To keep enjoying hiking after two or three outings, follow a few simple rules. How to fuel your new hiking habit:

Bring hiking boots or a pole.

Beginners can use hiking poles and boots, too. Hiking poles cushion each step, protecting your knees. They also improve balance and pace. Hiking boots protect your ankles and feet and make climbing and descending easier. They also support your ankles and feet while walking.

While hiking, drink water and eat fruit.

Hiking helps you stay hydrated and avoid headaches, but you should drink more water before and during your hike. Even non-exercisers retain water in summer. This causes headaches and nausea. Hikers should stay hydrated even in winter, when water retention is rare. Hiking necessitates fruit. Food is grown on many hiking trails. Hikers love trail mix, dried fruit, and other basket snacks. Trail food is delicious and provides vitamins and minerals that the trail doesn’t.

Justify buying new kicks.

You may hesitate to buy new sneakers when you start hiking. You may think your sneakers are enough for hiking. If you hike regularly, this feeling may fade after a few hikes. Hikers benefit from new sneakers’ ankle support and rigid soles. If you have ankle or knee mobility issues, new sneakers can improve your gait.

Avoid skipping weekday hikes due to difficulty.

Some hikers avoid difficult trails on certain days. This approach rarely works. Hikers benefit from difficult trails. This includes a challenging workout to build the muscles needed to walk upright. You can also meet other hikers and make new friends. On easier hikes, most people stay in small groups. However, when you hike harder trails, you have more energy to talk to other hikers, compare trails, and give advice. For instance, you may have more energy to help a fellow hiker who is struggling on a muddy trail or carry a heavy backpack for a hiker who needs to get back to the trailhead before sunset.

Hiking offers many health benefits and a new social network. However, following a few rules will help you hike for a long time. Drinking water and eating fruit before and during hikes is most important. Beginners, especially those used to flat trails, may find hiking difficult. Thus, you shouldn’t hike all the time. Weekends are better for hiking, but weekdays are better for walking back to the trailhead.

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